Request to Hire

Please fill in this form if you are a construction firm requesting to hire foreign construction manpower.
Please note that application for construction manpower is:
  1. On a first-come-first-serve basis (Should your application for hiring of the number of workers be more than the number of available workers for the particular trade(s) and skill level, we will keep your request in queue on a first-come-first-serve basis)
  2. Subject to the mutual agreement between the worker and the employer
For more information, please visit link: or email
All information submited will be kept strictly confidential other than for the purposes of this scheme.

List of Workers

# Trade Skill Level Nationality Age Salary Qty  

By submitting this form, we agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. My Company has existing ongoing project(s).
  2. Once worker(s) have been selected, my Company agrees to conduct a phone/online interview (if applicable) with the prospective employee and agrees to allow SCAL staff to sit in for the interview, if required.
  3. My Company agrees to apply for work permit(s) for the worker(s) matched through this scheme at our own expense. My Company acknowledges that work permit(s) application(s) is subject to MOM's approval.
  4. My Company agrees to arrange for hired employees to reside in their current place of residence at our own expense or to make new arrangements for the hired employees.